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Coil is where students learn together. When you’re stumped, come and ask questions, create study groups, or get tutoring. The most helpful students earn scholarships.

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"I really enjoy how Coil bring the whole class together by the questions that we have. It’s pretty cool to have fast responses and detailed answers from your classmates at 2AM when your professors and TAs cant get back to you right away."
My Quach
"Coil was an amazing tool that allowed me to help peers and myself through the use of collaboration! It allows you to post questions to the class, and it is much easier than sending email after email to TA's or professors. The potential of this platform to help you succeed in class is high, because you learn yourself while helping others at the same time!"
Emmanuel Garcia
"I really enjoyed using coil this semester for the marketing class I took. The interface was very user friendly and frankly more attractive than discussion boards on Canvas. The study group feature was particularly useful for organizing group projects."
Alex Wang
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$1.34 trillion

Americans currently owe over a combined $1.34 trillion in student debt


The average student owes $34,000 in student debt

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9 million Americans stopped making payments on their federal student loans

Coil's Scholarship Program
How it works

The more you collaborate and help classmates, the more Coil Coins you’ll earn

At the end of the semester your Coil Coins will be converted to scholarship money

Past scholarship earners

"Honestly, I loved coil, it was fun and simple place to go and help other students or ask for help myself. Personally, I have already taken a Discrete Math course so it was a very easy way to use what I knew to teach others."

Daniel Gao

"Knowing it was possible to get scholarship money really motivated me to try and be the first one to answer as many questions as I possibly could on Coil. But to answer questions, I had to actually know the answers which led me to study for the class early instead of cramming everything right before a test so I did much better in my class than I would have without Coil!"

Farwa Hassan

"Coil was the perfect opportunity to help others and get actual rewards at the same time. It helped me learn the material in a different way, which gave me even more profound insight."

Thibault de Smedt

"I can tell that students are significantly more motivated to contribute to class discussions on Coil than on any other discussion platform I’ve used in college thus far. It’s ease-of-use and cash reward make for a powerful network effect that benefits every student in class."

Kayhaun Ahmadian

"I think that Coil is a great discussion platform due to the straightforward interface and monetary incentive which other programs lack. The scholarship opportunities alone make the system objectively more conducive to class participation."

Aaron Xu

"I really enjoyed using coil this semester, it is one of the few educational applications in which I found myself actively engaged in both by helping others and asking for assistance myself. Its really easy to use and it motivates cooperation to receive a scholarship at the end of the semester."

Alejandro Abreu

"Using Coil allowed me to help others, but the process of doing so helped me understand and retain the information better which helped out for the exams. This system is extremely helpful for students wanting gain help that can give them a different perspective of understanding the material."

Crystal Lopez

"Coil has helped me and encouraged me to be more engaged in the classroom. Particularly, if I had problems with an assignment, it was convenient to ask online and expect a quick response (rather than emailing TA/professor or visit office hours which could be time consuming and not as efficient if I just had one problem). I enjoyed the option to ask anonymously."

Amy Nguyen
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We’ll help you track class comprehension and student engagement on an individual level

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Your students will answer most of their classmates questions. You can review and endorse their answers!

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No matter the university or class, Coil’s built in tools makes collaborating online as easy as collaborating in person.

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Coil’s leaderboard identifies the most helpful students in your class, which make for a perfect teaching assistant!

What Fellow Professors Think

“I used Coil in my large classes (300+ students per section), and saw three big benefits. First, Coil increased student engagement, teamwork and success. Second, it significantly reduced the number of questions that arrived in my email box. And third, it enhanced transparency and the sense of equity among the students in the class. Coil is a terrific product.”

Professor Photo
Professor Toprac

The University of Texas at Austin

“Coil has proven to be an invaluable tool to foster student collaboration in my classroom. My students use Coil effectively to work on group assignments, build study groups and share insights with one another. It has been a great enhancement to my courses!”

Professor Photo
Professor Gabbi

The University of Texas at Austin